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This section is always getting new photos.  Come back soon for more recent photos.  Meanwhile, here are some of our members (including some as they once looked).



Pete Gannon 2019

Tony Gutierrez 1974

Tony Gutierrez 2019

Joe Motes 1967

Joe Motes 2016

Dale MacCutcheon 2019

Walter P. Smolka 2019

Alex Cuesta 1949

Cliff Handerhan 2005

Gad Aflalo 1964

Gad Aflalo 2007

Jaime Toro 2019

Charles V. Manno 2019

Harry Belford 1964

Harry Belford 1999

Michael LaBozzetta 1964

Michael LaBozzetta 1997

Kevin G. O'Callaghan 1996

Ramon Arriaga 2019

Tom Johnson - Vietnam 1968

Tom Johnson 2001

H. Sherry Heldman August 1943



H. Sherry Heldman May 2001

Angelo Norberto 2005

Angelo Norberto 2019

Jeanette Eno 2004

Elvira DuNaier 2004

Rahl Price 1951

Rahl Price 2000

Betty Price 1954

Betty Price 1999

Ramon Aguair, Jr. 1967

Ramon Aguair, Jr. 2007

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